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Albania Experience offers airfares all around the world at competitive rates:

  • Contract rates at a lower price than published fares
  • Special rates for inclusive tours
  • Negotiated group fares

Our partnership with the AVIS –Budget group, our strategic locations with severaloffices in the main hotels in addition to efficiency, flexibility and diverse human resources ensure a high level of service for our clients.


As Conference Experts, we are happy to assist you in the organization of your conference, convention or seminar in Albania and the Balkan region. We operate as a full-service conference organizer, offering wide range of assistance in:

  • Project management, documentation and marketing
  • Venue selection and management
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Social program, entertainment, pre- and post-tours
  • Incentive tours

Offering well-established conference facilities with a new, stat-of-the-art venue under construction, ensures a variety of options for our client’s event. We offer high standard conference management services, organizational talent, complete knowledge of the area and competitive rates. We organize conferences and conventions for over 1000 participants in Albania and various Balkan capitals and, alternatively, small meetings and seminars in resorts, national parks and villages. A wide choice of catering options and after-hour activities will delight the participants and will create the right atmosphere for productive work during the conference. Pre&post conference tours, programs for accompanying persons and social programs will introduce the cultural treasures of the region as well as acquaint one with present day changes.

With well-trained eyes for details and a passion to please, our remarkable team of professionals with over 7 years of experience, has an extensive background in managing eventsof the highest level, always meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. Albania Experience provides its finest services at very reasonable rates.

Our company has a solid understanding of its clients’ standards, procedures, image and objectives. Albania Experience amplifies and supports its partners’ wishes.

Due to a stable and a long time partnership with the main hotels in Albania, Albania Experience can organize an event on veryshort notice.We have built a solid organizational and partnership structure which enables us to organize events at the last minute while fulfilling clients’ requests.

Our Specialization:

At Albania Experience, we understand how critical conferences can be in terms of delivering messages and building momentum and, more specifically, how vital effective conference management can be toward achieving this. For this reason, we offer a wide range of services in:

  • Project management, documentation and marketing
  • Venue sourcing,selection and management
  • Stage construction
  • Room decoration
  • Full technical support
  • Entertainment
  • Guest speakers
  • Theme selection
  • Delegate management
  • Welcome (goody) bags
  • Film production
  • Accommodation and catering arrangements
  • Social program, pre- and post-tours
  • Incentive tours
  • All other conference services

Whatever your requirement, our experienced team of conference planners will rise to the challenge and deliver.

Our service is based on innovation, attention to detail, flexibility and enthusiasm. Our team will work for you and with you to provide a comprehensive package of support, and ensure your conference; event program or seminar runs smoothly, is successful and meets your targets.

Special /additional Services:

Albania Experience has demonstrated to its clients and partners the ability to provide special services like:

  • Due to our wide network, in case of an accident in Albania, our staff can be there in less than an hour;
  • We organize visa processing and send our drivers (if the Embassy is abroad) to pick them up in case of emergency;
  • “Meet and Greet” services – organized out of the AVIS desk at the arrival hall of “Tirana International” Airport;
  • “Lost baggage follow-up” and hand delivery to the customer at his/her residence;
  • Logistics Support for the conferences we organize;
  • A 24-hour help desk for all services we provide.

Our Team

The young and professional staff of Albania Experience is extremely motivated to fulfill customer needs as well as very pleasant to work with. Our Team is made up of multinational University graduates who arefluent in a total of 13 languages. Our Team is very quick in responding to the needs of the customers via e-mail, phone, fax and every other kind of communication medium. Out time limit in responding to customers is 24 hours, if there is no emergency.

Choose Albania Experience as your partner and leave the rest to us. We guarantee you the best quality of services with the most reasonable prices.


Albania Experience offers a broad range of incoming services including Standard & Grand Tours, tailor – made Tours for Individuals, Couples etc, Special Interest packages, like Archeological and Historical Tours, Hiking, Trekking, Rafting, Fishing and Diving. AE’s accommodation is based on quality, comfort and convenience. Our professional guides, operating in all the major international languages, deliver service with great sense of their audience, passion as well as a deep desire to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.


Albania Experience offers worldwide destination tours and holiday packages, with the highest standards and the most reasonable prices in the regional market.


Albania Experience, in partnership with Avis Rent a Car and Budget Car Rental, world leaders in the rent-a-car business, offers comfortable transportation services in Albania and the region.

Through those partners Albania Experience can arrange for pick up and drop off services for your international guest form and to the Tirana International Airport.


Albania Experience offers contract rates for hundreds of hotels in Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as elsewhere in Europe and in many business destinations like Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain etc. and leisure destinations like Greece, Turkey, Egypt among others.

Albania Experience guarantees the best possible rates in every hotel in Albania and especially in the most highly-ranked hotels in Tirana such asthe Sheraton, RognerEuropapark and Tirana International Hotel.


Albania Experience partners with the best insurance comapnies in the Balkan region. The company offers International Health Insurance as well as other types of insurance.

Some of our clients and partners are:



ASOLAM, UET, ANTEA, and more.

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