Međugorje is located in the south part of the municipality Čitluk in Herzegovina. According to archaeological researches, it is assumed that a man was living here in the Stone Age. It represents one of the most sacred Catholic places in the world. It all started in 1981. When six children from the village Bijakovići came home running and they said that they saw Our Lady with Jesus. The excitement went through the whole village and according to their testimony, this has been happening for 32 years. Today there is no country in the world from which the pilgrims have not visited Međugorje. It is assumed that over a million people visit Međugorje every year. Unlike the holly place in Lourdes, that is visited by 6 million people per year, and that is at the same time a commercial heaven for the national restaurateurs, Međugorje has kept its original charm where the pilgrimages find their peace. The center of the gathering in the Sanctuary of the Queen of Peace, the official name of Međugorje, is the church of Saint James in the center of the place. The Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as the Lady of Međugorje or the Queen of Peace, appeared for the first time on the 24th of June in 1981 in a place called Podbrdo in Međugorje. She appeared in the twilight as a wonderful, young woman with a child in her arms and she sent a message about peace, love, prayer and fast to six witnesses. Every 25th of the month the Lady talks to the world and gives her spiritual messages. The Vatican hasn’t acknowledged or dismissed these apparitions.