Visegrad is one of the oldest settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the further east of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the banks of the river Drina and the river Rzava. It is famous for its bridge, built in 1571. The bridge is the great vizier Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic’s endowment and it is deservedly on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It used to connect Bosnia and Constantinople (Carigrad) and today it is a place visited by many tourists, passengers, artists, admirers of history and architecture. The bridge is among the most significant national monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dobrun monastery, 12 kilometers far from the center of the town, is one of the most interesting tourist localities in Visegrad. Numerous natural attractions, such as the river Drina, cannot but make tourists unmoved. For centuries, it has inspired numerous artists. It has always been happening something near the river: relaxing, work, rafting, fishing. The river Drina is a well-known fishing destination in BiH, with about 30 fish species.