Rose valley and Kazanlak

The town of Kazanlak is situated in central Bulgaria, in the western part of the Kazanlak basin. The town’s population is around 82.000. Kazanlak is the capital of the Valley of Roses, home of the Thracian kings and an attractive tourist destination. The country’s largest and best preserved Thracian tombs are found here, and they are included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with the Museum of Roses. There are two nature reserves and five protected areas in the vicinity of Kazanak, preserving natural wonders and age-old forests. The town neighbors on the largest and stunningly beautiful reserve in the Stara Planina mountain range, Dzhendema, which is part of the Central Balkans National Park. The park extends almost to the Kazanlak’s western town limits. The Rosa Damascena, known as the Damask or Castile rose, is the greatest treasure in the region of Kazanlak. The rose was imported into Bulgaria centuries ago, and today it is one the nation’s symbols. Under the influence of the country’s unique climate and soil, this rose gradually develop into a Bulgarian strain distinct from Damask roses elsewhere.