Montenegro is a south-european and mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states and it faces the south of Adriatic Sea. 500 km from Rome, 1500km from Paris and Berlin, and 2000km west from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkans peninsula in the heart of Europe. The sea, lakes, the Canyon and the mountains give you an opportunity to decide the best way to enjoy a quality vacation. In one day, the curious traveler can have a coffee in one of the numerous beaches of the Budva Riviera, eat lunch under the song of birds on Skadar Lake and dine next to a fireplace on the slopes of Mount Durmitor. These are all characteristics of Montenegro as a touristic destination that has a lot to offer. The turbulent history of this small country has left behind him a precious treasure for many historic monuments in this country. The blue sea with endless beaches, restless waters of the clear rivers and beautiful mountain massifs, mixed with the spirit of old times, have given Montenegro everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. This fact gives them one of the leading places on touristic maps. A large number of sunny days during the summer and a large quantity of snow in winter determine the two most developed forms of tourism in Montenegro: the coastal in the summer and skiing Recreation in winter. Montenegrin towns are rich in architecture from various periods that take the breath away and bring you back in time when the structures were created. Through numerous events and festivals, the tourist has the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and customs of this country.


Places in Montenegro

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  Day 1: Tirana – Shkodra (100km: 2hrs 10 min) – Ulcinj (42km: 50 min) – Budva (65km: 2hrs 10 min) Meet in Tirana and transfer toward Budva via Saint Shkodra. Continue toward the town of Shkodra, a cultural center and one of Albania’s oldest cities were we’ll see the ruins of Rozafa Castle, set on a hill high above …

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