This dynamic single day tour will take us to the unique narrow-gauge railway Sargan Eight which nowadays serves only for amusement of its passengers and also to the unusual ethno village Kustendorf. The train Nostalgia departs from Mokra Gora station at 10:30 and 13:30 on regular basis, so depending on your ability to get up early we are departing from Belgrade at 6:00 or at 9:00. During our journey there are several breath-taking spots where we can make stop for short brake and taking photos. We arrive at Mokra gora just in time for short break before getting on board the train and departure of Sargan Eight tour. During our ride we will pass and stop at stations Sargan-Vitasi, Sargan-Jatare and make stops on several viewpoints from which one can see fabulous views over Mokra gora. Authentic cars with wooden seats, wood burning stove and characteristic rattling sound will take us back in 1925 when this railway was put in operation and made connection between Belgrade and Adriatic Sea. The track on this section is around 15km long and passes through 22 tunnels with overcoming an altitude difference of 300m. After almost two and a half hour ride we are returning to the departing station from where we continue our journey to the nearby Kustendorf which was built by Emir Kusturica during filming his movie „Life is a miracle“. Before this movie was filmed there was nothing on the hill, but famous director was thrilled with the amount of sunshine this place was receiving during the day and he decided to build this unusual place. In Kustendorf you can find, as in any regular town, a museum, a church, a library, a hotel, a restaurant… You might be surprised with street names in this town because those are named after famous people Kusturica admires: Nikola Tesla, Bruce Lee, Ernesto Che Guevara, Diego Armando Maradona, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman… But you shouldn’t be, just remember that this place was built on a vision of a Kusturica. Regarding lunch plans, it’s so difficult to decide which restaurant should be our favorite, Lotika“ in Kustendorf or „Eight“ in Mokra gora on the very station. We will make choice according to the moment and the mood… After the daylong enjoyment in nature and beauties of Mokra Gora, time for return to Belgrade has come. We arrive in Belgrade in the evening.