About us

Established on January 2005 in Tirana, Albania under the name of Albania Experience, this company is now one of the most dynamic ground operators in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

AE was borne out of a rising market demand for simple services such as accommodation and ticketing. In the beginning, AE operated solely in Albania, offering mainly hotel accommodation, airfare ticketing and tourist packages. In just a couple of years, AE became on the main ground operators in Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia providing services to foreign tourists as well as the several important international institutions located in Albania, at the time.

Keeping up with the market growth and eager to satisfy customer demands, over the years, the company added many other servicesto its portfolio, expanding to more specialized services such as incentives, staff retreats, conferences, events, and more.

As true pioneers in the tourism industry, AE understood fairly quickly that Albania represented too small of a market, resulting in geographical expansion of the company to markets like Finland, Germany, Austria (in Europe) and Japan (in Asia). Successful in attracting and maintaining these markets, AE shifted its focus to the rapidly developing economies in Asia. The company went on to grow further and develop its business in many Southeast Asian countries. To this day, AE remains one of the main ground service providers in the Balkan region for the Southeast Asian markets.

Since the beginning of 2015, AE is a branch of Landways, ground operator in the Balkan region. Its extensive international office network spans three continents, including offices in Tirana (Albania) Ljubljana (Slovenia), Seoul (South Korea), and New York (USA).As part of Landways, the AE team includes more than 35 highly educated, young, creative, bright, multinational, multilingual individuals – fluent in more than 15 languages! – andkeeps growing. Enjoying the benefits of its energetic, ambitious staff and offices in strategic global locations, AE continues its expansion plans, this time toward the Central Eastern Europe market as the next one to dominate.

Albania Experience continues to set the standardfor travel experiences that are personalized, unique, and memorable. What truly defines Landways is the youthful energy found in its staff, one that is eager to serve its customers as well as highly responsive and proactive in fulfilling customer demands and goes out of the way to exceed them. Landways is proud to offer personal dedication and 24-hour service to its partners in the entire Balkan and Central-Eastern European regions.

It is precisely because of these factors that Landways has experienced great success in the past and continues to grow in the global marketplace. Last but not least, the quality of staff and services is integrated with a strong logistics network of ground transportation and MICE equipment, among others, further guaranteeing the company’s performance in the future and its status as the best in the region.

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